Technical support and development

If you require technical support while you are carrying out your research, we can help you with any questions that you may have about electronics, mechanics, ICT and/or video editing.

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Electronics & Mechanics

Do you need technical support in using equipment for your research, or do you need equipment that is not yet available? The TechnoCenter can provide support for all your questions about electronics and mechanics.

Electronics & Mechanics support

A man wearing headphones sitting in front of two computer screens while editing a video.

Humanities Computer Lab

The Humanities Computer Lab is one of four components of the Humanities Lab. The Humanities Computer Lab contains a number of web servers and powerful computing servers with GPUs, and a large data storage capacity. Support for all these features is provided by the Technical Support Group (TSG). This group consists of eight ICT experts. The TSG offers technical support (for research) that is not provided by the standard workplace facility. You can enlist the help of the TSG if you need support in creating or manipulating data files, creating a script in Presentations of OpenSesame, text analytics, creating maps or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications, data storage, and much more. You can also contact the Humanities Lab for help with statistical analyses (Statistical Support Group). And finally there is support for research and translations related to sign language (Deaf Support group).

Humanities Computer Lab

Ethics Assessment Committee

All research projects carried out in the CLS Experiment Lab, the Video Lab and the XR Lab must be assessed by the Ethics Assessment Committee Humanities (EACH).

Research Data Management

The RDM policy of the Faculty of Arts is based on the general principles of Radboud University, including information about FAIR principlesGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, AVG in Dutch), informed consent and the data management plan (DMP). You can also read our information about copy right licenses.

Specific RDM guidelines for research conducted at the Faculty of Arts can be found on our intranet webpages. Students can read the data management plan (DMP) information.