Communicating about research

If you are a researcher and you want to share your research with the world, there are many different ways that you can go about it. For example, think about social media, public lectures, teaching in schools, continued education, and also media presence. No matter how you choose to share your research, you should always start by asking yourself: What do I want to achieve with my research and who do I hope to reach?

Flyer: Communicating about research

Where can I get help?

When it comes to communicating about your research, there are several services and departments within Radboud University that can help you:

  • The Science Communication Team: For general questions about scientific communication or about contacting the press
  • Radboud in'to Languages: For coaching and training in science communication, such as media training and grant writing
  • Radboud University’s Communications Department: For questions about house style, logos or using social media
  • Faculty communication departments: If you want to share your research results with an academic or non-academic audience outside your own field of expertise
  • Science Education Hub: If you want to tell primary school pupils about your research
  • Radboud Reflects: If you are interested in giving a public lecture


If you have any questions, please contact the Science Communication Team.

024 361 6000