Media coverage of your research

Newspapers, websites, TV and radio – there is a demand for scientists and experts across many media. This may follow the publication of new research or a new report, or may involve a request for scientific expertise.

Are you as a scientist approached by the press, or would you like to present your scientific work to a journalist or public audience? The Science Communication team advises and assists.

Media coverage of my research

We are happy to help you explore the options for media coverage. When you contact us, please send us information (in one paragraph) about:

  • what is new/what have you discovered/what are you going to do?
  • how did you discover it/what did you do?
  • why is this important/special/relevant to the general public?
  • when will the study appear?

Report media activities

We would really appreciate hearing about any interview you may have with a newspaper, online or for radio and TV. If you report your activities to us, we can share them on social media or other Radboud University channels. If you would like us to, we can ensure that your media appearance is given additional attention. 

Media training courses

Radboud in'to Languages offers several media training options for media appearances, such as media training, successful pitching and storytelling. You could also reach out to us for advice.

Other forms of science communication

If the Science Communication team decides not to communicate your news via a press release or news tip to journalists, this does not mean that you have no other options.

Perhaps your research is more suited for communication to a wider audience through other forms of science communication, such as a blog, a social media post or an opinion piece. Each year, many academics attend festivals, give guest lectures on primary or secondary schools, or draw attention to their research through a crowdfunding campaign. Our team can also assist you with this.


Questions? Please contact the Science Communication team.

+ 31 24 361 60 00