Associations, networks and initiatives

Radboud University takes pride in its many student and staff organisations. On this page you can find all information about the facilities and (financial) support you can get if you are active in an association or if you want to start a new activity or project.

  • Register as donor for Stichting Financieel in Balans

    As a donor to the Stichting Financieel in Balans, you can help colleagues in financial need. Fill in the form to sign up.

  • Become a DEI Ambassador

    Do you want to help raise awareness of diversity, equality, and inclusion concerns and foster a more welcoming community for people of different backgrounds and perspectives? You can do so by becoming a DEI Ambassador.

  • Sustainability networks

    Want to join a sustainability network and help make the world a little greener? There are all kinds of networks for both students and staff. Find out which one is right for you and join today!

  • Get started on your own sustainable idea for the campus

    Do you have a proposal to make the campus cleaner, greener, more humane, more circular and/or climate-neutral and would you like to implement it yourself? Let us know! Chances are you can then turn your idea into a tangible result.

  • Koios

    Koios is an opportunity for professionals in research and practice to involve enthusiastic students in the field of giftedness in projects they are working on.

  • Becoming a member of a trade union

    At Radboud University, all employees are represented by the trade unions CNV, FBZ, FNV and AOb. The unions are independent and advocate the interests of the employee during the Local Council.

  • Join the Radboud Employee Panel

    Do you have an opinion about something? Radboud University is continuously looking for employees to give their opinions via the Employee Panel.

  • Membership staff association

    Staff members who are members of the Radboud Staff Association enjoy many different benefits. One of these benefits is the wide range of courses and workshops that are on offer.

  • Volunteer at the University Chaplaincy

    There are various ways to become active or volunteer at the University Chaplaincy. See which activities suit you best.