Becoming a member of a trade union

At Radboud University, all employees are represented by the trade unions CNV, FBZ, FNV and AOb. The unions are independent and advocate the interests of the employee during the Local Council. 


Trade unions deal with the collective agreement and local regulations, job security in reorganisations and issues such as work pressure, social safety and improving career prospects. Unions can also play an independent role in individual or collective industrial disputes.

Become a member

As a member of a trade union, you can play a role in the creation of the collective agreement and local terms and conditions of employment. You can also turn to the unions with individual questions and problems, such as your job, legal status, CLA or legal problems. The Local Council takes an independent position in this respect.


Do you have questions or want to become a member? Then contact Marijtje Jongsma, spokesperson for the trade unions at Radboud University.

024 36 16 278

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