Mentorship Programme for support and management personnel

Are you working at Radboud University in a non-scientific position? Would you like to work on your professional goals and/or develop your coaching skills? We kindly invite you to sign up for the Radboud OBP Mentor Programme of Young Radboud and PV Radboud!

The mentoring program matches match employees who are relatively new to their position with experienced professionals who can offer guidance and advice. Mentees can work with a mentor on their professional goals, while mentors can develop their coaching and leadership skills. 


As a mentee you can get in touch with an experienced Radboud employee and ask for advice about specific projects or activities. You build a collaborative relationship with your mentor and engage in mutual learning.

Who can participate as a mentee?

  • You have started working for Radboud University in the past five years, or you have recently changed your type of job
  • You are willing to take initiative
  • You are eager to learn and interested in personal developments
  • You are willing to share your own knowledge and perspectives with your mentor


As a mentor, you guide the next generation while gaining new insights into your work. The relationship is about mutual learning and you can train your leadership skills by spending an hour each month coaching a person new to their position. You look for ways to connect your mentee with others in your network.

Who can participate as a mentor?

  • You have more than five years of work experience in the specific field, preferably within Radboud University
  • You are enthusiastic about sharing best practices and career experiences
  • Your mentee can rest assured that the information you share together will remain confidential

Programme structure

The Radboud OBP Mentor Programme has the following structure:

  • Mentor and mentee are matched for a period of nine months
  • We expect the duos to meet on a monthly basis
  • The matching is done based on the field of work and the indicated tasks and responsibilities. In our matching, we will be avoiding that the mentor and mentee are in a direct hierarchical line.
  • All pairs are provided a handbook containing suggestions for engaging in your conversations. Of course, using the handbook is completely up to you: As a duo you know best which professional aspects you would like to discuss.

Sign up for the mentorship programme