Approve worked hours

 Worked hours are processed digitally in CD Online. The offered and approved hours of students employed at your department are also visible in the portal.  

  • Approve the offered timesheets directly by email before the 5th of the month.
  • If the hours are approved before the 5th the month, the student will receive is salary approximately the 11th.  Late approval means the student receives the salary a month later!

Sometimes you have to reject offered hours. You can do that by following these steps:

  • Click in the email on the link to the timesheet and Log in at CD Online
  • Give a reason why the timesheet is being rejected and click on reject
  • The student will receive an email with the request to modify the timesheet and offer it again

Hour budget

Your budgets are easily managed by adding an hour budget to the assignments. If you want to manage your hours:

  • Notify us via info [at] (info[at]cd[dot]ru[dot]nl) of the desire to use 'budgetmanagement'
  • We fill in the maximum amount of hours (the budget) in CD Online
  • You will receive an email when a student is almost exceeding the budget

It is also possible to receive an overview of the budgets and remaining hours by mail every 12th of the month

Modify hour budget

You make changes to the hours budget very easily yourself.

  • Go to CD Online and open the placement. Click on 'modify budget'
  • In the field 'mutation' you can modify the current budget (+ or - hours)
  • The set threshold is shown and can be modified if desired


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