Placing your own advertisements

You can place your own advertisements in newspapers and magazines and also place them online on websites and social media. When placing an advertisement, make sure that:

When placing a joint advertisement from two or more partners, make sure that:

  • The Radboud University logo is always placed in its entirety, so that it includes both the image and the text. No exceptions will be made to this rule.
  • The minimum size that is used is 50 percent of an A4 logo.

Online advertising

You will need to contact onlinemarketing [at] (onlinemarketing[at]ru[dot]nl) before you place an online advertisement. Together with the online marketing department, you will check to see:

  • Whether your campaign does not overlap with campaigns that are already running or campaigns that have been scheduled.
  • Whether you need to create your own account.
  • How you can set up your campaign in the best possible way.
  • Whether someone else will conduct the campaign for you or whether you will have to do this yourself.

If you do need to set up your advertising campaign yourself, make sure that you have all the information that you will need for creating your advertisement. This includes details on:

  • Your goal
  • Your target group
  • Your contact person
  • The available budget
  • The intended duration of the campaign


Need help? You can contact:

Contact department