Radboud University's logo consists of a word mark ('Radboud Universiteit') and a figurative mark (the coat of arms). The coat of arms has existed since the university was founded in 1923. We are currently using a modernised variant.

Het logo van de Radboud Universiteit


  • The logo may not be modified in any way in terms of shape, colour and text.
  • The Radboud University logo is the logo of all parts of the university. Do not use any other logo in communications. 
  • When communicating with an external party, put the university's logo alongside the other logos.
  • In principle, the crest and wordmark should not be used separately or stacked together. Contact communicatie [at] ru.nl (communicatie[at]ru[dot]nl) if this is not possible.
  • The coat of arms and the wordmark have a fixed relationship to each other.

Logo for digital use

For digital use, a variant is available with a white or transparent background (jpg/png). 

Full-colour logo with white background

Download logo with white background 

Full-colour logo with transparent background

Download logo with transparent background

Logo for printing

Logo Radboud University (full-colour)

Radboud University's logo, suitable for print (.eps).

Application on coloured background

When you have to place the logo on a coloured background, use a white version to guarantee visability.

Het logo van de Radboud Universiteit op een gekleurde achtergrond


The following variants of the logo exist for special occasions or specific target groups.

Het combinatielogo van de Radboud Universiteit en het Radboudumc

Dual logo Radboud University and Radboudumc

When Radboud University and Radboudumc communicate together, use the double logo. The logo may only be used in full-colour or in white, depending on the background.

Full-colour double logo

Download the logo with white background

Download logo with transparent background

White double logo

Download logo with transparent background

Vector logo for print

Download logo for print

An own logo

To establish a well-known and strong brand worldwide, it is very important to present Radboud University as a uniform, recognisable brand. This is why we always and only use the Radboud University logo in all our communications. This way, our target groups recognise our communication and we strengthen the Radboud brand. Parts of the university that use the logo also benefit from the strength of the Radboud brand. It is therefore - with exceptions - neither permitted nor recommended to use own logos.

Is it nevertheless necessary to use your own logo? If so, please contact communicatie [at] ru.nl (communicatie[at]ru[dot]nl) first.


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