PowerPoint template

We want Radboud University to be easily recognisable in our presentations, which is why we use the PowerPoint template. This template can be found directly in PowerPoint. You can open a template by opening Powerpoint, clicking 'new' and selecting the desired template.

You can also download the available templates here

Choosing variants

The PowerPoint templates have different layout variants for slides. In the standard template there are 20 variants, in the basic template 6. You can choose these by clicking on the arrow next to 'new slide', as in the example below.

Navigate to 'new dia' to see the available options
Navigate to 'new dia' to see the available options

Corporate presentation

In addition to the templates you can fill in yourself, a corporate presentation is also available. The corporate presentation includes:

  • Images of the university
  • Facts and figures on education, research and operations
  • Our strategy
  • Other corporate information


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