Video templates

We want Radboud University to be easily recognisable in our videos, which is why we use the following video templates. Use of these templates is mandatory.

Download the templates

Bumpers and lower thirds

Bumpers are video intros and outros. Lower thirds are name straps. These should be implemented in your video during editing. 

The following templates are available as Motion Graphic Templates for Premiere Pro: 

  • Opening bumpers: intros that provide space for a title and subtitle;
  • Closing bumpers: outros that provide space for a link (URL);
  • Lower thirds: name straps that provide space for a name and job title.  

In the manual you can read about the use of motion graphic templates.


A thumbnail is the first image your audience will see. It should be submitted together with your video. The thumbnail should:

  • Include the Radboud University logo;
  • Be appealing, and be both sharp and clear;
  • Tie in with the subject of the video;
  • Be royalty-free;
  • Be submitted as a .jpg or .png file (which is no larger than 2MB).  

Download the thumbnail template (zip, 59 kB).

Thumbnails of testimonials
Thumbnails of testimonials


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