Do target group research with the employee panel

Do you have a topic that contributes to improving Radboud University services that you wonder what do employees think about it? For this, you can consult the participants of the Employee Panel. The employee panel was launched in early April 2024, following the successful student panel. Currently,  more than 200 employees, from a wide range of faculties and divisions, have signed up to give their opinions on improving Radboud University's services.

Your research in the employee planel

Your research could be a survey, focus group, user test or something else. As long as the research ensures that the service better meets the needs of employees. You do the setting up of the research yourself. For creating surveys, you can enlist the help of Institutional Research. If you want to invite employees to take part in your survey, it is important that the survey is ready to be filled in or participated in.

Provide information for participants

Employees who have registered for the employee panel will receive an e-mail each month with requests to participate. Therefore, if you want to submit your research to the employee panel, provide an inviting text about your research by e-mail. In this text, you explain what the survey is about, supplemented with practical information about your survey (date, location, time). It also mentions the compensation participants will receive, such as a gift voucher. This information is distributed via mail to the employee panel participants, after which participants can choose whether they want to participate. For surveys such as interviews, focus groups and user tests, you will receive a list of the names of the employees who signed up for your survey. After receiving the participants, you take further contact with the participants yourself. 

medewerkerspanel [at] (Submit information)

After the research

If you use the employee panel, you are obliged to share the results and follow-up actions with the organisation via a news item on the website. You provide this text via communicatie [at] (communicatie[at]ru[dot]nl.) This way, employees know what improvements have been made based on the input given. You are also responsible for providing compensation for your participants.


Want to distribute your research within the employee panel or have other questions?