Request and replace computer equipment.

  • Request equipment for your home office

    Do you work with a laptop for more than two hours a day? Then the use of an external monitor, separate keyboard and separate mouse is mandatory. You can order these tools for your home office.

  • Audiovisual Services

    Audiovisual Services provides multimedia products and services to staff, teachers and students at Radboud University and Radboudumc.

  • Hardware for the workplace

    If you need a new PC or laptop, an authorised person can request it for you from Information & Library Services (ILS). ILS will prepare the device for you and help you get started.

  • Recycle on campus: hand in old data carriers

    Heb je oude privé-gegevensdragers zoals een smartphone, usb-stick, laptop, tablet, harde schijf of pc? Lever ze in en je gegevensdrager wordt door recyclepartner D-Two op een milieubewuste manier verwerkt.

  • Telephones

    As an employee at Radboud University you can use landline and/or mobile telephones. If you have questions about the options at your faculty or department, you can contact your telephone coordinator.