As an employee at Radboud University you can use landline and/or mobile telephones. If you have questions about the options at your faculty or department, you can contact your telephone coordinator. They are the first point of contact and can request telephones, subscriptions, and additional services for you.

You can find an overview of the telephone coordinators per unit in the products- and services catalogue. (Dutch / Log in with your u-number and RU-password).

Landline telephone

You can call numbers within the Netherlands and 06 numbers from a landline phone by default. A “fair use policy” is in place here.

Mobile phone

You can use your mobile phone and its standard Vodafone Wireless Office (VWO) subscription by default to make (unlimited) calls within the Netherlands and a large part of Europe (zone 1). Data usage is 5GB per month (fair use policy).
A SIM card is also available, for data usage on your laptop or mobile telephone.

Additional options

Additional options are available for landline and mobile phones (depending on your model), such as forwarding calls or setting up multiple phone numbers on a device. You can set some of these options up yourself, others will need to be requested from your telephone coordinator.

Landline telephone

  • Forwarding to another number
  • Loggin into a flexible workplace telephone

You can find more information on the Mitel website.

Mobile telephone

You can find more information about function access codes on your mobile phone in Odido's manual (Dutch).

Request speed dial programming Mitel 5340

Request speed dial programming Mitel 5312