MFA for Microsoft 365 applications

Because Microsoft 365 (M365) applications allow you to access our files online on any device, it is extra important to log in securely to M365 applications. You do this with via Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

When do I need MFA?

  • When you first log in with your Radboud account to an app from M365, such as Word, Excel, Teams or OneDrive;
  • When you log in on a different device or browser. As long as you keep working on the same device you stay logged in. This allows you to open different M365 apps without having to log in each time;
  • When using M365 apps in your browser, you will be prompted to log in with MFA each time you use them for the first time.
  • When working on a mobile device, including M365's mobile apps;
  • Both when working at home and when working on campus.

Setting MFA

Once Microsoft 365 is installed on your workstation, you can set up MFA through Office's portal. You can choose to sign in via an authenticator app or text message.

Tip: Do this right away. That way you avoid having to set up another login method the moment you want to open a Microsoft 365 application.

Setting up MFA on your new phone

Want to change your chosen login method, for example because you have a new phone? Please contact the ICT Helpdesk to reset the MFA settings.