Downloading free programs and help with installation.

  • Account Portal

    Staff members can use the Account Portal to change their passwords or request access to systems or workgroup folders, among other things.

  • OneDrive

    OneDrive (for Business) is the Microsoft cloud service where your work- and study-related personal documents are stored.

  • Purchasing software from the university

    As a staff member or student you can purchase software programs through Surfspot for free or at a sharply reduced rate.

  • Software for preventing pain and RSI

    If you spend a lot of time on your computer or laptop, it is important that you take regular breaks. The Workrave software program can help to prevent arm and wrist pain.

  • Teams

    Microsoft Teams is an online collaboration tool. With this application, you can chat with people inside and outside Radboud University, make (video) calls, hold online meetings, manage tasks and schedules, and collaborate in real-time on documents.

  • Keep your workplace up to date

    It is important that you install the latest updates and security updates on your devices. This applies to both personal and Radboud University devices.