Using eduVPN

EduVPN offers a secure connection and remote access to all of Radboud University’s systems. Click here to find out how you can use eduVPN.


  1. Downloading eduVPN

    Once you have downloaded eduVPN onto your own laptop or mobile phone, you will be able to use it via SURF. Download eduVPN

    To download eduVPN, select the following settings:

    1. Institute: Radboud University
    2. Fill in your Radboud account details
    3. Authorise ‘SURF conext’
    4. Give your consent again
    5. Select ‘Radboud Institute’. 

    You are now ready to connect to eduVPN.

  2. Connect to eduVPN

    1. Open the eduVPN programme on your device.
    2. This will open an internet page; click on ‘Approve’.
    3. A pop-up screen will then open in eduVPN.  Depending on whether you are working on a Radboud laptop or a personal device, you will either need to enter your RU number and password or you will be given automatic access.
    4. Then select ‘Radboud-Institute’. You will now see the following screen and your VPN connection will be established within a few minutes.