Sports, culture and recreation

Everything about cultural events that are organised on campus and the sports you can participate in at the university's sportscentre.

  • Request activities for your team

    Are you organizing a meeting, conference, or (online) event for your team, department, or working group and do you want to keep the participants active and moving? Then you can call us in for an active break.

  • Afsluiten sportabonnement medewerkers

    Wil je een sportabonnement voor medewerkers afsluiten? Dit kun je doen bij de balie van het Radboud Sportcentrum of via het formulier.

  • Community garden

    The Community Garden is a communal vegetable garden set up specifically for and by Radboud University staff and students.

  • RSC courses

    A course at Radboud Sport & Culture consists of a series of lessons and can often be followed at multiple levels. Ideal if you want to learn an activity or get better at it!

  • Internal competitions

    Members of the RSC can participate in internal football competitions with their own team.

  • Cost of a Sport membership card

    If you are an employee of Radboud University, you are entitled to a discount on a Radboud Sport & Culture membership. You can choose between two types of membership.

  • Online sports classes

    With a subscription from RSC, you can join online ticket hours via Zoom.

  • Opzeggen sportabonnement medewerkers

    Als je 2 maanden of langer abonnee bent, kun je je sportabonnement voor medewerkers maandelijks opzeggen.

  • RSC app

    The RSC app allows you to easily register for ticket hours, courses or free sports.

  • Lap time clock

    By using a ChampionChip TimePoint you will be able to keep track of your lap times

  • Sport & culture memberships

    Anyone who is at least 16 years old and belongs to one of the groups below, is welcome to come and exercise, work out or relax at Radboud University. See which types of RSC memberships are available and find out about how you can sign up.

  • Sports offer for 60+

    Radboud Sport & Culture offers various classes for 60+ athletes. These classes can be recognized by the 60+ indication behind the title of the ticket hour or course.

  • Borrowing, hiring or buying sports equipment

    To borrow, rent or buy equipment, please visit the front desk in the Gymnasion.

  • Single tickets & ticket strips

    Non-members can purchase a single ticket or ticket strip for several activities. The ticket strip contains 30 strips.

  • Ticket hours RSC

    Radboud Sport & Culture offers a lot of activities in the form of a ticket hour. That means that you have to reserve a ticket in advance to be able to take part in that group lesson.

  • Voordelen sportabonnement medewerkers

    Als medewerker van de Radboud Universiteit of het Radboudumc kun je voordelig sporten bij het Radboud Sportcentrum. Je krijgt ook voorrang op het inschrijven voor ticketuren en cursussen.

  • RSC free sports

    With a Radboud Sport & Culture subscription, you can practice free sports such as fitness, swimming, tennis, squash, bouldering and running on our track.We call them free sports because you're not directly under the guidance of an instructor.

  • Workout Videos

    When you're at home, you still want to stay active! For this reason, we have recorded a number of sports lessons, so that you can follow them online.