Cost of a Sport membership card

If you are an employee of Radboud University, you are entitled to a discount on a Radboud Sport & Culture membership. You can choose between two types of membership:

  • The Fit Card
    The Fit Card allows you to enjoy the RSC offer five days a month. Each month, you can decide which five days that will be! On these days, you can use all available activities and facilities.

    Monthly cost: €25.40
  • The Top Fit Card
    With a Top Fit Card you can participate unlimitedly in the available range of activities and facilities.

    Monthly cost: €42.25

The above rates apply from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024.

Apply for membership

Duration of your membership

You must remain a member for a minimum of two months. You will then have the option of cancelling your membership on any day of the month up to the last day of the current month. Your membership will then end on the last day of that month. If you renew your membership within six months of the last date of your previous membership, you must remain a member for at least one full month.

Additional discount

Radboud University staff members may use corporate fitness in the Employment Conditions Selection Model. Click here for more information about the Selection Model



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