Information screens

Information screens are located at the faculties, Sports Centre, University Library, Teachers Academy and the Berchmanianum. These screens can be used to display any information for students and staff members that is relevant to the target group at the location. 

Creation of information screen

Information screens must be supplied as .jpg or .png files with a resolution of 1920x1080. The DPI must be 72; the colour mode must be RGB.

In the Brand Portal you will find a template you can use to design your message for the information screens in the house style of Radboud University. Information screens created via the Brand Portal automatically meet the above requirements.

Placing information screens

To place information screens, please contact the following administrators:

  • Faculty of Science: huygens-screens [at]
  • Faculy of Law: communicatie [at]
  • Faculty of Social Sciences: communicatie [at]
  • Faculty of Arts: communicatie [at]
  • Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies: communicatie [at] (communicatie[at]ftr[dot]ru[dot]nl)
  • Nijmegen School of Management: communicatie [at]
  • Radboud Sport & Culture: communicatie-rsc-cf [at] (communicatie-rsc-cf[at]ru[dot]nl)
  • Radboud Teachers Academy: communicatie [at] (communicatie[at]docentenacademie[dot]ru[dot]nl)
  • Central University Library: communicatie-ils [at] (c)Communicatie-ILS [at] (ommunicatie-)communicatie-ils [at] (ils)Communicatie-ILS [at] (
  • Berchmanianum: communicatie [at]
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to display information on the Food & Beverage screens (such as the Refter or Gigabite). 


Need help? You can contact:

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