Evaluation Service

Team Evaluation Service, part of Education Support, can help you design, conduct and analyse surveys and questionnaires. You can use this service free of charge.   

Are you wondering how to conduct a large-scale survey and how to report the results in a clear way? Would you like to find out what your target group thinks online? Or do you want to know what participants thought of your course or training? Team Evaluation Service can help with these kinds of questions. 

Team Evaluation Service can: 

  • make online surveys for you; 
  • create paper as well as online evaluation tracks for you; 
  • give advice on the contents of your questionnaire and on which report type is the most useful in your situation; 
  • process the collected data into insightful reports; 
  • analyse the collected data. 

Customisation is always possible so that you know what you are measuring, and the reports are useable for your situation and organisation. Together with you, Evaluation Service will be happy to look at the possibilities.