Radiation hygiene

Radboudumc and Radboud University use radioactive substances, sealed radioactive sources and ionising radiation emitting devices. This type of work requires a licence under the Nuclear Energy Act. Within the Department of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Service, the Radiation Group is responsible for the work that is related to the Nuclear Energy Act Licence. Various tasks and powers are defined and assigned in this licence. The General Coordinating Expert is ultimately responsible.

If you have any questions about your work, in which radioactive applications are carried out, or any questions about the Nuclear Energy Act or you require help from the Radiation Facilities Division, please contact the Radiation Group. You can also read more about this in the Basic Document and Procedures for Radiation or on The Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection's (ANVS) website.

Radiation Physician

If you have any questions about the health effects of carrying out activities or work that involve(s) the release of radiation, please contact the Radiation Physician from the Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Service on 024-3615400 (extension 15400).


Department of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Service
Philips van Leydenlaan 25
(Dentistry building)
straling.amd [at] radboudumc.nl
T: 024-3619613 (extension 19613)

General Coordinating Expert
Marcel Wiegman
Marcel.Wiegman [at] radboudumc.nl
T: 024-3092062 (extension 92062)

Assistant General Coordinating Expert
Wout Moerman
Wout.Moerman [at] radboudumc.nl
T: 024-3092065 (extension 92065)

Local Coordinating Expert
Ilse Post
Ilse.Post [at] radboudumc.nl
T: 024-3094107 (extension 94107)