Reporting an emergency

If you have been involved in a workplace accident, or incident, or you have found yourself in a dangerous situation or you have suffered a needlestick injury, make sure that you report this as soon as possible by filling in the form below. This will help us to work out what went wrong and to determine which measures should be taken so that we can prevent a recurrence.

Reportable workplace accidents

EA workplace accident must be reported if the victim died from the consequences, suffered permanent injury or had to be hospitalised. Your supervisor will report the accident to the Dutch Labour Inspectorate if necessary and will do this within 24 hours. Your supervisor may also contact the Emergency Coordinator for advice on the procedure that needs to be followed. 

If an accident does need to be reported, go to the Dutch Labour Inspectorate website. Any employer who fails to immediately report an accident that should have been reported may be fined up to €50,000 for their negligence.

Report incident


If you have incurred damages because of an accident or incident, you may complete the Damages Claim Form. 

Damages Claim Form

Emergency Coordinator

The Emergency Coordinator can be reached via the control room. 

+31 24 361 90 00