What to do in the event of a disturbance

In the event of a disturbance, call the emergency number 024-3655555 (extension 55555).
The control room will then call the Security & Parking Surveillance Department and notify the Emergency Coordinator. The coordinator will consult with the university’s Crisis Management Team (CMT). The CMT will decide on a further course of action.

Guidelines for receptionists/management

  1. Radboud University’s general guidelines for protests is to keep the police out of the matter for as long as possible. However, if the perpetrator does need to be removed, the mayor will need to instruct the police to do just that.
  2. Never use violence.
  3. Allow the protesters to express their grievances; do not enter into a discussion with them.
  4. Inform staff about the situation; make sure that sensitive documents are stored away.
  5. Try to ensure that the protesters only venture into the public areas of the building. If all attempts fail, point out that the protest group is acting unlawfully and is guilty of trespassing.
  6. Try to remember who has done what or which damage was caused so that these details can subsequently be used when reporting the incident.
  7. Avoid aggressive behaviour, such as the blatant taking of photos and making of videos.
  8. If possible, section off the location where the protest group is located.
  9. Remember that the press will have often been informed about a protest and will therefore be present.
  10. Do not approach the protesters on your own, but always make sure that you do this in pairs.
  11. Remain friendly and courteous. Accept any demands and let the protesters know that these will be passed on at the university for further consideration.


Emergency number 024-3655555 (extension 55555)