What to do in the event of an incident involving hazardous substances

Prompt action is vital in any crisis situation. This page provides a brief explanation of how to deal with an incident involving hazardous substances, biological agents and radionuclides:

  • Call +31 24 365 55 55 (extension 55555)
  • Clearly state your name, location, and the nature of the incident
  • Warn the persons in the threatened area
  • Bring persons who are in danger to safety
  • Prevent the substance from spreading
  • Keep contaminated persons at the scene
  • Make sure that no one enters the threatened area
  • Notify the departmental expert
  • If possible, take the first restrictive measures
  • If possible, provide first aid to the victims
  • Notify the departmental management
  • Follow the instructions that are given by the Central Emergency Response Team
  • Report the incident to the management and to the Department of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Service
  • Any incident involving biological agents or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) must be reported to the Biological Safety Officer. A procedure has been established for dealing with incidents, emergencies and accidents that involve genetically modified organisms and have occurred in or near a GMO area.

Transporting infectious substances, GMOs and diagnostic samples


T: +31 24 365 55 55 (extension 55555)

+31 24 361 54 00