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Before taking a trip abroad, always consult this infographic.

VCK Travel is the mandatory central place for booking your foreign business trip (train tickets, possible plane or boat tickets, hotel and car rental). Booking a trip abroad requires you to submit a travel request, even if you already have permission from your manager. You can book the trip yourself (self service) or have this trip arranged by VCK Travel (full service). You will find the price indication form here. 

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There are two booking options for your business trip. It is also possible to book a group travel for 10 people or more with VCK Travel. Please note: You can only make your final booking after your travel request has been approved and you have received a travel request number. This number always starts with a "T", followed by six digits. Train journeys can be booked up to 6 months in advance, and flights up to 11 months before departure.

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Your travel profile

Before booking a trip, it is important to adjust your travel profile in the booking tool yourself and keep this information up to date, in accordance with official documents such as a passport or identity card. In your travel profile, you can also indicate dietary requirements, add your personal OV-chipkaart or other travel discount cards, disabilities and/or other important things.

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Conference bookings

If you are going abroad for a conference, you book the transportation such as train, flight, taxi and public transport with VCK Travel. Please note: you are responsible for paying registration fees for conferences and can immediately claim reimbursement after payment through BASS (expense declaration).

Conference bookings with open registration

Booking conferences abroad with open registration is done through VCK Travel (full service), provided that you can share the link with VCK Travel. The way of transport, such as train, flight and taxi should be booked with VCK Travel. You are responsible for paying for other expenses such as consumptions, which you can then claim for reimbursement afterwards.

Conference booking with personal invitation

If you are invited to a conference with a personalised invitation in which the hotel, dinners and so on are provided by the conference organiser, you book and pay for it yourself.

  1. Submit your travel request through BASS and receive an approved travel request (with all costs of the business trip) before booking.
  2. Book the round trip to the congress abroad (train, flight, taxi) with VCK Travel.
  3. Book and pay for your stay via the personalised invitation you receive. You can declare the costs immediately after payment via BASS (expense claim). These costs include: congress costs, packages, congress hotel or the registration content.
  4. Other accommodation costs such as meals can be claimed directly via BASS (expense claim).
Who makes the booking for conferences?VCK TravelYourself
Transportation (plane, train, public transport) 
Registration fee for the conference 
Package deal* with open registration 
Package deal* with personal invitation 

*Package deal: accomodation/stay + excursion + meals organised by the conference.

Sustainable travel policy

An important measure from Radboud University's sustainability policy for foreign travel is the 7-hour travel rule from Nijmegen. This means: no more flying to cities that can be reached within seven hours with sustainable alternatives. Often, the train is a good alternative, with less waiting time than at the airport, and you can use the journey, for example, to work or sleep if you take the night train.

When adopting the business air travel policy in 2020, it was decided to centrally organise the booking of international business travel through a travel agent to achieve Radboud University's sustainability goals. With VCK Travel, the CO2 emissions caused by travel will be clarified and how this will be compensated. Additionally, administrative burdens for colleagues from various departments are reduced, and the duty of care is centrally organized.

Use business loyalty points   

When booking a business flight, points are automatically collected in a centralised savings programme of the airline concerned. By booking flight tickets through VCK Travel, the business points are collected in a centralised account of Radboud University. This savings programme is called Bluebiz. These points are intended for Radboud University and are not the same as a private savings system. Besides Bluebiz, it is also possible to save privately with Flying Blue. You indicate this in your traveller profile in the booking system.

BlueBiz business savings points are used in a positive way to help regular international master students with limited financial resources in obtaining a one-way trip to begin their studies at Radboud University. The use of business loyalty points for these students is an initiative of Student Life and International Mobility (SLIM) and the Radboud Fund. Students who apply for the Radboud Encouragement Scholarship (RES) are eligible. The selection of these students is done through a lottery, conducted by SLIM of the Radboud Encouragement Scholarship (RES). These students have demonstrated insufficient financial means to study in the Netherlands.

Change in prepayment

Because travel, accommodation and any registration fees for conferences will now be invoiced directly to Radboud University, it is no longer possible/necessary to request an advance payment. Other costs during the trip that have not been booked with VCK Travel can be claimed directly, or if you wish, after your return via BASS (expense claim with proof of payment). This could include other pre-paid registration fees and all costs incurred during your trip such as food, drinks and tourist tax. A travel application number for these costs is then no longer applicable.


  • Need help while submitting a travel application? Contact reiszaken [at] (reiszaken[at]cif[dot]ru[dot]nl). 
  • Need help while booking a full service during office hours? Contact the VCK travel consultants via amsterdam [at] (amsterdam[at]vcktravel[dot]nl) or via + (0) 88 120 1902.    
  • Need help while booking or are you experiencing problems with the online booking tool? Contact the AirGo helpdesk via airgo.helpdesk [at] (airgo[dot]helpdesk[at]vcktravel[dot]nl.)
  • Need help during your trip abroad or do you have an urgent travel application? Contact VCK Travel's 24-hour service via + (0) 88 120 1902

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