Gifts from third parties

You may be offered a gift or a reimbursement from a third party to thank you for your services. As an employee of Radboud University, you are not permitted to request or accept gifts or reimbursements from third parties. If you have been offered a gift or a reimbursement that you would like to keep, you must first get permission from your supervisor. 

Supervisor considerations

The supervisor will make the following considerations:

  • When was the gift or reimbursement offered?
  • Why was it offered?
  • Is the gift or reimbursement in proportion to the performance delivered?
  • Is there a risk of reciprocal compensation?
  • Was the offer made openly and transparently?
  • Is it a one-off gift or reimbursement, or are you regularly offered something form the same business relation?
  • Do other staff members regularly receive gifts or reimbursements from the same business relation?

Potential consequences

  • A gift or reimbursement of more than 50 euros must be declined or must be approved by the supervisor.
  • Gifts that are not approved by the supervisor must be returned.
  • Gifts deemed acceptable may be shared with the department.
  • Suppliers will be notified by letter, if applicable.
  • Trips, outings, lunches, and dinners may not be paid for by third parties. These costs can be declared.
  • Invitations must always be discussed with the supervisor to determine in all transparency whether they can be accepted.