Internship and Volunteer Allowance

The university provides a uniform internship and volunteer allowance. 


Faculties and Radboud Services decide whether the internship allowance is or is not granted (e.g. difference between external and internal interns - Radboud University student). If an allowance is granted, the following internship allowances are granted based on a 40-hour week:

  • € 328 gross per month for WO and HBO students.
  • € 191 gross per month for MBO students.

The internship allowance applies to internships that last one month or longer. If the intern cannot use a public transport student card to commute between their home and the internship site, the intern will receive a travel allowance of € 0.23 per kilometre. HR staff will handle the internship agreement.

Voluntary work

Volunteers receive a standard volunteer allowance. This is untaxed and does not need to be reported to the tax authorities. If volunteers receive more for volunteering, this concerns compensation that is commensurate with the scope and time commitment of the work, and the compensation should then be taxed for wage and income tax purposes. More information and the amounts can be found on the tax authority’s website (in Dutch).