Reimbursement business trip expenses

If you need to travel for work, you can submit an expense claim for travel and accommodation expenses (transportation, accommodation, and food and drinks). You can do this in BASS.

If you plan to travel abroad, you will need to submit a travel request 14 days before you depart. You can also request an advance payment when you submit your travel request. Find out more about travel requests and advance payments.


Public transport

You will ordinarily travel by public transport. If you travel by train, you may travel first class.  

If you travel by train more frequently for your work and it is a more economical option, you can also buy a season ticket or other type of railcard. 

Using your own means of transport, or travelling by taxi or aeroplane

If travelling by public transport is not a viable option, you may use your own means of transport. 

If neither travelling by public transport nor using your own means of transport is a viable option, you may take a taxi, use a rented means of transportation or travel by aeroplane.

Other means of transportation should be booked at the cheapest and most reliable rental rate.  If you wish to travel in a higher class, i.e. if you wish to fly business class, you will need to request written permission in advance. However, it should be noted that this type of permission is almost never granted. 

You should discuss the transportation options with your supervisor first in order to avoid any problems when you submit your expense claim.


The amount of reimbursement that you receive will depend on your means of transportation.

  • Public transport, taxi, hired means of transport, aeroplane: actual costs incurred
  • Your own means of transport: €0.21 per kilometre

Accommodation expenses

Domestic travel

The maximum amount of reimbursement for domestic travel is €175.00 per 24 hours. 

Foreign travel

The maximum amount of reimbursement for foreign travel is based on the Dutch government’s list of rates. Radboud University uses the list of rates from April for the entire year.  

Third-party travel allowance

If you have already been reimbursed for your business trip, i.e. you have had your costs reimbursed by the person who issued the invitation for your trip, you may not submit an expense claim for this amount to Radboud University. Make sure that a third-party travel allowance does not compromise your integrity. 

If your contract with Radboud University includes travel and accommodation expenses, you may not submit an additional expense claim for these costs.  


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