Submitting expense claims

You can submit your expense claim for costs or allowances in BASS. Your expense claim should be submitted as soon as possible. You may submit your expense claim up to three months after your costs have been incurred or you have returned from your trip.

Submit expense claim

Which claims

You can submit an expense claim for allowances and costs that you have incurred for: 

  • Domestic travel;
  • Business expenses;
  • Meal expenses;
  • Overtime and irregular working hours;
  • Relocation expenses.

For business trips abroad, you should use VCK Travel. As a result, requesting pre-payment is no longer possible.

Costs you make regarding commuting and home-working cannot be claimed.

Prepare your claim

Your expense claim must include proof of payment, such as a receipt or an invoice. You will need to retain proof of payment until the amount of the expense claim has been paid into your bank account.

You will also need to include the cost centre, specification and/or project number in your expense claim. You can request this information from the financial administration or secretarial office in your own department.

Make sure that you have this information to hand when you start to fill in your claim.

Review process

  1. Your supervisor will review your expense claim. 
  2. Approval will then be requested from the budget holder.
  3. Your expense claim will ultimately be checked by the Accounts Department. 

If your expense claim is submitted by someone else, such as your secretary, you will need to review it yourself before it is submitted. You shall bear responsibility for your own expense claims. 

Rejected claim

It is possible that your expense claim will be rejected, for example because it was incorrectly filled in or it was incomplete. In this case, you will either receive an email or a message in BASS that will explain why your expense claim has not been accepted. 


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