Travel allowance for commuting and home working compensation

You have to indicate whether you travel to campus or worked from home for each working day. Based on this, you receive your monthly travel expenses and/or work from home allowance.

Submitting a claim

You can easily submit a claim for travel expenses and home working simultaneously in the BASS claims module. This is possible for up to 3 months after the end of the month for which you are submitting a claim.

The daily amount stipulated in the travel and removal expenses scheme will apply in the case of on-call staff and student assistants. 

Please note

Travel allowance paid in November can be supplemented in the choice model between 23 November and 30 November. Travel allowance paid in December cannot be supplemented in the choice model. Tip is not to have a travel allowance paid out in December but to wait until January so that it can be supplemented in the Choice Model.

Submit expense claim

For this purpose, you can use the manual Travel days commuting and work from home

Travel allowance

When you declare your commuting/ work from home expenses, you can choose between declaring travel expenses for public transport and private transport. If you use your own means of transport, you will receive the daily allowance based on the Travel and Moving Expenses Scheme. Different amounts apply for bicycles and other means of personal transport (basic allowance). If your personal transport changes or if you move just across the border, please inform your HR officer. This may have consequences for the amount of your travel allowance.

Personal transport

The amount of compensation for travel expenses incurred using your own vehicle (bicycle, car, motorcycle and the like) has been adjusted to a fixed sum for each day of travel. The distance which you travel has already been entered in the claims system.

Public transport

If you use public transport to commute to work (even if the distance is 10 km or less), you will be reimbursed 75% or 100% of the public transport costs incurred on the basis of second class and the cheapest mode of travel. You are entitled to a reimbursement of your public transportation pass if these ensure that your total travel costs are thereby less, than the costs of single journeys. TC&O Mobydesk can inform you about this and, if necessary, you can apply for a pass there. When claiming these costs, upload your transaction overview of your registered public transport chip card, an invoice of the public transport (pass) costs or another proof of payment with a trip specification. You enter the total actual costs and the system automatically calculates the amount of the public transport travel allowance (75% or 100%).

Entitled to 75% or 100%?
If you live more than 25 km from campus, have an employment contract of less than two years, and do not qualify for a removal allowance you will be reimbursed in full for the costs of public transport for up to no more than two years. In other cases you will receive 75%.

No compensation will be provided for a public transport bicycle. As such, if you use both public transport and a public transport bicycle, you will only be compensated for public transport (or part of it).

Per working day, you can declare the travel costs for 1 type of transport. So either public transport or private transport.

Additional travel allowance

It is possible to receive a supplementary commuting allowance via the choice model. This also applies if you do not receive a travel allowance at all because you live at a distance of less than 11 km and do not travel by bicycle. You will need to enter the days in which you have travelled in BASS.

selection model

Compensation for home working

If you work from home for a day, you will be entitled to home working compensation of €2.00 per day. This compensation does not apply in the case of on-call staff, student assistants, students, freelancers, and other personnel who are not employed, including PhD candidates with a scholarship.


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