Career orientation

If you have any queries about your career, you can request an informal consultation, which may be helpful if you wish to enhance your professional or personal skills or redefine your current position or take up a different position.

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The advisor will discuss your query with you and subsequently offer you career development advice. Your career development plan may sometimes only require minor modifications. The advisor can recommend e-learning modules, workshops and training courses in gROW that suit your needs.

Sometimes your career development plan will require more dramatic changes, such as a different career path or training programme. The advisor can either start you on a short coaching programme of no more than five sessions or refer you to an external coach or training programme. The outcome will depend on your query.


The consultation, e-learning modules, in-house coaching programme and workshops are free of charge. Some in-house training programmes will involve additional costs. External coaching programmes, training courses and training programmes will involve additional costs. You can discuss these details with your supervisor.


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