Redeployment Procedure

The redeployment process begins when you are given the status of redeployment candidate due to:

  • Redundancy of your position or reduction of the number of similar positions (duration of the redeployment investigation: 7 months + 3 months notice period).
  • Incapacity for work due to medical reasons as a result of which you cannot return to your original job (duration of the redeployment investigation is determined by the regulatory procedure for the first and second year of illness in accordance with Eligibility for Permanent Invalidity (Restrictions) Act (Wet Verbetering Poortwachter).
  • Unsatisfactory performance or damaged working relationship (duration of the redeployment investigation: 6 months + notice period).

The Redeployment and Vacancy Filling Regulations stipulate that, in the case of an internal vacancy, the vacancy holder will be required to determine whether the vacancy involves a position that is suitable (or may become suitable) for a redeployment candidate.

Redeployment investigation

In each case, a careful redeployment investigation will be conducted to determine the possibilities of redeployment in suitable work at Radboud University or elsewhere.

The HRadvisor, career counsellor and workcoach WorktoWork will work closely together in the investigation. They will also provide guidance to the redeployment candidate. The redeployment candidate is obliged to cooperate actively in the investigation.

Start of the redeployment investigation

The redeployment investigation will begin with an interview with the employee’s supervisor at which the HR advisor and workcoach WorktoWork will be present. During that interview, the parties involved will draw up an individual guidance plan together, focusing on such aspects as training, engagement of external experts, individual career counselling, job interview training and external placement. The guidance plan will also specify the time required for the redeployment activities. Over the course of the redeployment investigation, the progress will be carefully monitored, recorded and regularly discussed with the personnel advisor.

Suitable position

Pursuant to the Redeployment and Vacancy Filling Regulations of Radboud University, Radboud University will investigate whether any suitable position is available for which the redeployment candidate would be qualified. According to the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities (CAO NU), a position is considered suitable if, in the opinion of Radboud University, the redeployment candidate:

  • possesses the knowledge and skills deemed necessary to perform the job duties effectively; or
  • if, in the opinion of the vacancy holder, the redeployment candidate can be retrained or given further training to fulfil the position within 12 months;
  • and the position can reasonably be assigned to the person concerned in view of personality, circumstances and prospects;

unless compelling business interests do not allow for it.

In other words, the position must fit the employee and the employee must be suitable for the position. The Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) stipulates that the salary for the available position may not differ too much from what the employee earned in his original position.

Criteria for determining the suitability of a position include:

  • the nature of the position;
  • job content;
  • scope of the position;
  • level of the position;
  • the level of education or training required;
  • working conditions;
  • personal circumstances.

In determining whether the employee is suitable for the position, the critical question to be answered is whether the employee will be able to perform the work activities given the job content and requirements. The key concepts here are: knowledge and level of education/training, experience, capacities and competence.

Preferential treatment of redeployment candidates

Pursuant to the Redeployment and Vacancy Filling Regulations of Radboud University, if there is a suitable internal vacancy, the redeployment candidate will be prioritised over other candidates. Radboud University will investigate whether any suitable position is available for a redeployment candidate. If so, the vacancy holder will interview the redeployment candidate in order to determine whether the position fits the employee and whether the employee is suitable for the position. The redeployment candidate is obliged to attend this interview. If the redeployment candidate is not found to be a suitable candidate for the position, the vacancy holder will state the reasons in writing. For more information, please see the section entitled Suitable position.