Development and career progression

Radboud University gives you a great deal of freedom and responsibility so that you can develop your talents, take a training programme and realise your ambitions.

gROW online learning environment 

Radboud University gives you space to develop yourself. The gROW online learning environment provides you with the opportunity to attend workshops and take e-learning modules, training courses and programmes that will allow you to realise these ambitions. 


Training scheme 

If you opt for external training, the university will reimburse 50 to 100% of the training you take as part of your career/job development. How much you are reimbursed depends on the importance of the training for your job.

Click here to see the training scheme.

Training abroad

If you are interested in a training stay abroad within the EU, you can apply for funding via Erasmus+ Staff Training in most cases. For example, for participation in a foreign summer school, a language course or an International Staff Training Week for non-scientific staff.

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