Development days

Every employee has access to at least two development days every year to work on personal sustainable employability. You can use these days, for example, for training courses actively offered by the university as part of sustainable employability, for internships at another workplace within the university or for external training courses. 

The CAO states that employees are given the opportunity to continue developing their skills and competences and that these two development days are intended for this purpose. The university has not developed a specific further policy for this. The reason for this is that employee development has the constant attention of the manager and HR anyway. At Radboud University, however, the development days are part of the development agreements in the annual appraisal. 

You can save development days if you have made a written agreement with your manager before the end of the year. If no agreement is made, unused development days expire at the end of the calendar year. Development days are not holidays and are not saleable. Unused development days expire at the end of employment. 

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