gROW online learning environment

Radboud University gives you space to develop yourself, both within your current position and when you want to advance to a new position. To this end, you may sometimes require new skills. 

The gROW online learning environment provides you with the opportunity to attend workshops and take e-learning modules, training courses and programmes that will allow you to realise these ambitions. Your personal dashboard contains activities that are consistent with your position and role and the department in which you work. 

Log in to gROW

To log in you can use the manual how to log in to gROW. When you need help, please check the frequently asked questions.


You are free to take some of the courses yourself, such as the e-learning modules, and you may also attend workshops. If you wish to take a training course or comprehensive programme, you will usually need to obtain permission from your supervisor. 

E-learning modules

There is a range of e-learning modules that you can take, from shorter modules such as ‘Better Brainstorming’ and ‘Delegation’ to e-learning modules about Excel and PowerPoint. You can take the e-learning modules at any given time. You do not need to obtain your supervisor’s permission to take the modules.


You may also attend workshops that will assist you in your career. You can attend workshops that support you in your career. The workshops Self Insight and Getting Started with Your Career are offered on a regular basis. You do not need permission from your supervisor to attend a workshop.

Training courses 

There is a range of training courses that you can take, including ‘Personal Leadership’, ‘Planning and Organising your Work’ and ‘Effective Writing’.  Training courses are offered regularly. If you wish to participate in one of these courses, you will need to consult with your supervisor. Training courses will involve additional costs. 


Programmes are offered to specific target groups several times a year; these include programmes for new supervisors or assistant professors and postdocs. Ask your supervisor about the possibility of participating in a programme. 


In addition to courses, you can also use tools, such as those for collecting external feedback, in order to help you prepare for your annual appraisal interview.


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