Personal leadership

As a staff member, you are able to show personal leadership by taking control of your work and your career. You should be able to do the type of work that you enjoy and continue to develop in the direction of your goal. For this purpose, you should maintain a dialogue with your supervisor about the direction that you want your career to take. Your supervisor can help you to align your personal goals with the goals of the organisation. 


Radboud University’s vision of leadership is comprised of four different themes. These themes have been transformed into specific behavioural indicators, which you can use to develop your personal leadership qualities.

Theme 1: Vision and strategy

  • You can translate your unit’s goals into your own work.
  • You can look beyond the boundaries of your own field and establish the necessary links.
  • You play an active role in relevant professional networks.
  • You bring new ideas to the table and take the initiative.
  • You exhibit flexible behaviour.

Theme 2: Decisiveness

  • You can provide an overview of a situation and you are capable of setting priorities.
  • You are able to deal effectively with time and resources.
  • You take responsibility for your own actions.
  • You can convert your goals and choices into action.   
  • You can contribute to problem-solving.
  • You can stick to your agreements.  
  • You can present your own point of view. 
  • You are capable of listening to the opinions of others.
  • You are open to criticism and you are able to engage in dialogue.

Theme 3: Connectedness

  • You are open-minded and critical.
  • You are able to provide and request feedback.
  • You can see a situation from another person’s perspective and observe the effect of your own behaviour.
  • You are able to respect the fact that other people have different ideas and may take a different approach.
  • You invest in collegial relationships.
  • You are able to demonstrate a commitment to your colleagues’ work.
  • You are motivated by more than self-interest and feel that your colleagues deserve their success.

Theme 4: Development and appreciation

  • You take responsibility for your own personal development and for your career.
  • You can reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and you are able to take these into consideration.
  • You continuously strive to improve your professional conduct.
  • You look after your physical health and mental well-being.
  • You monitor your work-life balance.
  • You can accept your limits and you seek out assistance at the appropriate time.
  • You are able to recognise your colleagues’ qualities and successes.
  • You are able to give compliments and show your appreciation.


In the online learning environment gROW, several courses are offered to develop your personal leadership

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E-learning modules

You can develop your personal leadership qualities by taking an e-learning module. You can take the e-learning modules at any given time. You do not need to obtain your supervisor’s permission to take the modules. View:

'Asking for feedback' training course 

You can use the course Asking for feedback to request feedback from your colleagues and your supervisor, so that you can see how they perceive you in your role. 

‘Personal Leadership’ training course

You can take the Personal Leadership training course if you wish to find out more about personal leadership. The training course is offered on a regular basis. If you wish to participate in this course, you will need to consult with your supervisor. The training course will involve additional costs. The training course is comprised of: 

  • An intake interview
  • Two and a half separate days of training
  • Interim assignments



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