Duty to disclose ancillary positions

In some cases consent needs to be given to permit one to hold an ancillary position. Such work for third parties is any which appears to be related to your work for the university, which could prejudice the university’s interests, and/or which could compromise the proper performance of all of one’s duties. See article 4 in the policy framework for a detailed description of an ancillary function requiring notification. 

When entering an ancillary position on your profile page, you may specify whether it is one that is subject to a duty of disclosure. If this is the case, please report this to your superior after saving your ancillary position. Your superior may provide you with advice in this respect and will then present your ancillary position to the competent authority (for example, your dean or divisional director) for them to approve or disapprove. You will receive an email message after it has been approved or disapproved. A record of your work for third parties will also be archived in your electronic staff file. Publication will occur automatically immediately after reporting. If no consent is granted, the relevant record will be deleted automatically.

It is also possible to enter an ancillary position in respect of which no duty of disclosure is mandatory (for example, the executive committee of a sports club or work carried out for a political party). It will not be routed through an approval process and will be automatically published on your profile page immediately.

Publication of ancillary positions subject to a duty of disclosure

The underlying principle is that all ancillary positions that are subject to a duty of disclosure will be published on your profile page. However, you may apply for an exemption from publication by clearing the box, ‘Publish on profile page’. You may discuss your reasons for this with your superior. Your superior and/or the competent authority may approve or disapprove an exemption that you have applied for.

Additional earnings

When reporting an ancillary position that is subject to a duty of disclosure you will also need to indicate whether any additional earnings are involved. You may retain any additional earnings yourself if your university position accounts for less than 50% of your overall working hours provided that your work for third parties is not related to your university position or only to a limited extent, or provided that your additional earnings in a calendar year do not exceed your gross monthly salary at the university.