Publish ancillary activities

The university encourages its staff members to also be active in the community outside of Radboud University, which is why you are permitted to carry out extra work - also known as secondary activities - in addition to your position at Radboud University.  The university must be notified about this work. Publish your relevant additional positions on your profile page. This means that you will need to ensure that: 

  • Your secondary activities do not get in the way of your work at Radboud University;
  • You are upfront about the type of work that you are undertaking and where this work is being carried out.

The Sectoral Scheme for Ancillary Activities (in Dutch) is part of the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities. This sectoral scheme has been further elaborated by Radboud University in the Radboud University Work for Third Parties Policy Framework.


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