ANW shortfall insurance

If you want your partner to receive a fixed monthly allowance after your passing, you can choose to take out ANW shortfall insurance. The university has signed a collective contract with the insurer elipsLife for this purpose. Taking out this insurance policy is voluntary and therefore non-compulsory. You are free to choose whether to take out this insurance policy or to opt for a different policy.

New staff/partner

You can register for it within one month of commencing employment, providing you have no medical issues. If you enter into a partnership later on, you can apply within one month of entering into the partnership, providing there are no medical issues (marriage, cohabitation contract). 

You can find all the information about ANW shortfall insurance on the elipsLife website. You can also find what you need to do when leaving employment if you have taken out an ANW shortfall insurance policy with elipsLife, among other topics.