Collective healthcare insurance

Radboud University has a collective health insurance contract with health insurer VGZ. In celebration of our lustrum, VGZ's offer is extra favourable. If you join VGZ you get:

  • 20% discount on supplementary insurances;
  • 15% discount on dental insurances
  • Access to the VGZ App


Various choices are possible for 2024. You can also take out your basic insurance elsewhere and keep the supplementary insurance with a group discount with VGZ. Read more: What will change in VGZ health insurance for 2024? (in Dutch) or the policy conditions of 2024.

More information about the insurance scheme is available on the collective health care insurance website, which includes information about:

  • Family co-insurance
  • The health care insurance premium
  • The amount of compensation
  • Supplemental insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Workshops and training courses

Because of the Radboud University collectivity, the advantage is that there are wider reimbursements for physiotherapy, prevention budget and oral care.

Calculate your premium

Applying for health care insurance

  • If you want to switch to VGZ's collective health insurance, check the collective health insurance website.
  • If you use collective health insurance and want to register with Mijn VGZ, please use Radboud University's collectivity number: 2121500.


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