Employment contract

When you join the university, you enter into agreements about your employment conditions. Your employment contract contains all of these agreements. At least the following are included:

  • Start date of employment
  • Scope of employment
  • Information stating the contract is subject to the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities (CLA)
  • Whether the employment contract is for a limited or an indefinite period
  • Location (location of work, workspace)
  • Position and salary
  • Provisions on the early termination of a temporary contract
  • Any other specific agreements regarding working conditions

The employment contract is not particularly extensive in and of itself because most of the terms and conditions surrounding employment are provided in the CLA and the local regulations that apply to Radboud University. This includes: 

  • Confidentiality clause: The CLA states that you are obliged to keep all information derived from your position confidential.
  • Invention clause: The CLA states that if you invent something from your position, you must notify the university. The university has the exclusive right to use any invention that employees make from their employment or that results from it. The Copyright and Patents Acts apply to this.

Information form for new employees

To properly prepare for your hiring, we need a completed information form from you. You can download it below.

Information Form