Resignation notice period

If you wish to submit your resignation, you will need to comply with the period of notice. The duration of your period of notice will depend on your contract of employment: 

  • 3 months if you have been continuously employed for more than 12 months. 
  • 2 months in other cases, except if you have been employed for less than 6 months, in which case the notice period is one month.
  • 1 month if you entered into employment after reaching your AOW age.

You will need to submit your resignation in writing to your supervisor. You will also need to notify the personnel HR officer.

The university terminates

The above notice periods also apply to the university. The time taken by any dismissal procedure via UWV or the subdistrict court will be deducted from the notice period. However, at least 1 month's notice must always remain.


Need help? Get in touch with your personnel HR officer.