Transitional severance pay for contract termination

If your contract has not been renewed, or you have been dismissed from your job, you are usually entitled to transitional severance pay. The duration of your employment at Radboud University has no bearing on this matter. The amount of your transitional severance pay will be equivalent to one third of your monthly salary for each year that you worked. The maximum gross amount of compensation is €89,000.00, unless your annual gross salary exceeds this amount. In such a case, the maximum amount of compensation will be equivalent to your annual salary.

There are a number of costs that will be deducted from your transitional severance pay, such as: 

  • Training costs from the last five years that were directed towards career development, such as payment for a profiling-building course or a study programme 
  • Any costs that Radboud University incurred in helping you to transition from one job to another, such as payment for a job application course or external career guidance

No or partial transitional severance pay

You will not receive any transitional severance pay if:

  • You and your employer jointly decided to terminate your contract of employment or if you personally decided to terminate your contract of employment;
  • Radboud University wants to renew your contract of employment but you do not wish to renew it;
  • You are guilty of misconduct;
  • You have been dismissed in connection with the state pension age (AOW) or retirement age or you have been dismissed after reaching either of these ages; 
  • You are younger than 18 years of age and you have worked a maximum of 12 working hours per week;
  • You signed a new contract with Radboud University before your old contract expired.  This new contract will take effect within six months of the termination of the current contract of employment;
  • Your contract has been temporarily renewed and this renewal is about to expire. The contract of employment has actually not been terminated;
  • Your contract has been terminated for economic reasons and you will be claiming non-statutory unemployment benefits (BNWU).  

You are entitled to partial transitional severance pay if: 

  • Your contract will be partially terminated, and
  • This is due to economic reasons and your own incapacity for work, and
  • Your number of working hours have been officially and substantially reduced. 

Staff members who use the 30 percent reimbursement ruling

If you are entitled to transitional severance pay and you make use of the 30 percent reimbursement ruling, the amount of your transitional severance pay will be calculated on the basis of your wage after the 30 percent reimbursement ruling has been applied. The 30 percent reimbursement ruling will not apply to the payment of the transitional severance pay.  You will need to pay tax on the entire amount of transitional severance pay.


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