Guest (employees)

A guest is an academic staff member who is not employed by Radboud University. As a guest, you do not receive a salary or remuneration. The work you perform at Radboud University is exclusively (or largely) carried out for yourself or in partnership with a company. In general, these tasks have a duration of one year or less.

As a guest, you:

  • have access to all university facilities;
  • do not have an employment contract;
  • will be registered as a guest;
  • will consult with the supervisor on the duration of your guest status;
  • must adhere to the university’s code of conduct; 
  • may request a campus card to access, among other things, the campus buildings.  link 

Rights and obligations

  • For the duration of the agreed work period, you will be insured for accidents under the accident insurance policy taken out by Radboud University. This insurance policy covers among other things the accidents incurred while performing your work and during the (shortest) route while commuting to and from the university. While performing your duties, you will be co-insured under Radboud University's liability policy
  • You must inform Radboud University of all proposed publications related to your work here. This applies to publications in any form, from print to social media.
  •  All intellectual property rights to products, works and/or services created by you belong to Radboud University, unless agreed otherwise.
  • You are obliged to preserve the confidentiality of all information you receive in confidence or the confidential nature of which you may reasonably assume.
  • The Radboud University name and/or the names of Radboud University clients may not be used for your own commercial and/or promotional purposes.