Declaration of hours worked for on-call workers

This manual will help you create declarations of hours worked in BASS for on-call workers.


  1. 1. Log in Via BASS

    BASS can only be accessed directly from the campus network or through VPN. Enter your employee number (u-number) and your RU-password.

    Go to BASS

  2. 2. Click on 'Submit hours worked (reimbursement basis)'

    The tile menu opens in BASS. Under 'Time administration' click on 'Submit hours worked (reimbursement basis)'. If already declared these hours will be displayed at Declaration of hours worked.

    Step 1
  3. 3. Click on 'New timesheet'

    Click on new timesheet and then select the month of declaration.

    Step 2
  4. 4. Enter the hours worked

    Please note in which line the hours are noted due to working hours/surcharges.

    Step 3
  5. 5. If applicable, select the type of 'Travel costs'

  6. 6. Enter the amount of travel days

    In the 'Travel days' field, enter the number of days the type of 'Travel costs' was used. The maximum number of travel days that can be selected is equal to the number of days worked. Note: It is not possible to claim for multiple travel costs types in one month.

  7. 7. Cost allocation

    The Cost Allocation info is automatically filled and cannot be changed. For multiple lines of cost allocation, the number of hours for 1 or more cost allocations must be filled in the column "Allowance 0%" so that in the line "To be distributed" all fields are filled
    with "0.00".

  8. 8. Other remarks

    Enter any remarks in the remarks field.

    Step 4
  9. 9. Save

    Click on save. Once the data is saved, the "Submit" button will appear. Click on submit to start the approval process of the declaration of hours worked.

    Step 5

In the overview under 'Change/See' you can view and change the entered hour declaration. The personal data become visible by clicking on the arrow.