Early retirement or reduce your working hours just before retirement

If you want to take early retirement or you want to reduce your working hours before you reach the state pension age (AOW), you can take advantage of the ABP Multi-option Pension and the Vitality Pact.

ABP Multi-option Pension

The ABP Multi-option Pension allows you to decide when you should retire. You may also elect to receive part of your pension while you continue to work part-time. The Multi-option Pension offers the following options: 

  • A higher pension now and a lower pension later on. 
  • A lower pension now and a higher pension later on. 
  • A consistent income both before and after you reach the state pension age.

You can also choose to increase your pension by using some or all of your survivor’s pension. Find out more about the ABP Multi-option Pension.

Vitality Pact

If you are due to reach the state pension age within five years, there are some circumstances in which you will be able to take advantage of the Vitality Pact. The pact helps you to reduce your working hours in a more cost-effective manner. Check the Vitality Pact Scheme for more information.


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