Social Plan and Organisational Change

Social Plan 2020-2025

The basic principle of the Social Plan is to prevent compulsory redundancies wherever possible. The Social Plan applies to all Radboud University employees who are made redundant due to a reorganisation, some other organisational change, the elimination of their job or the application of the ‘reflection’ principle after reducing the number of interchangeable positions. The Social Plan provides options for supporting an employee from job to job, such as:

  • examination of whether reassignment is possible;
  • guidance from a career coach;
  • priority for suitable vacancies.

It also includes provisions such as a mobility allowance for voluntary resignation or an income supplement if a lower-paid position is accepted.

Reorganisation and other organisational changes

The university, together with the trade unions and Works Council, has drawn up guidelines for how the university deals with an organisational change and what procedures apply. You will find information about:

  • The terms “reorganisation, major organisational change, significant organisational component, IM unit, serious impact on the legal position and the number of employees affected”;
  • The breakdown of organisational changes into five categories;
  • The working method and participation procedure for each category of organisational change.