Talented academics

Tenure Track

Are you a talented academic (lecturer, researcher and/or lecturer/PhD candidate) and would you like to advance along the assistant professor (UD)-associate professor (UHD)-full professor route? If so, the university might offer you a tenure track. 

If you are offered a tenure track, it generally involves temporary employment of up to 6 years. This applies to academics employed as researchers, lecturers or lecturers/PhD candidates. Upon fulfilment of performance agreements within the set timeframe, the track ends with promotion to an assistant professor (UD) position and permanent employment. 

Career Track

Are you an academic who has a permanent contract with the university and the ambition to progress to a higher academic position or a higher academic job level? If so, the university might offer you a career track. Career tracks can be created for all conceivable academic promotion steps.

A career track is a path via which you can qualify for a higher position or job level in a set period based on clear performance agreements. 

Framework for Tenure and Career Tracks

The university has established a Framework for Tenure and Career Tracks. It contributes to a clear picture and clear expectations for academics with the potential and ambition for a successful academic career at Radboud University. The framework applies to all faculties at Radboud University, the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging and the Radboud Teachers Academy.