University Job Classification (UFO)

Jobs at Radboud University are classified into job profiles. These profiles are set out in the University Job Classification System (UFO).

University Job Classification

Every employee of a Dutch university receives a job profile (a compact description of the job) based on UFO. Each profile has a job level.

The manual contains further information regarding the job profiles. It also contains an aid to help you find out which combination of knowledge, personality and skills best fits a specific job.

Job profiles

Every employee’s job is classified into one or more of the job profiles in UFO. This job classification is based on the employee’s activities. These activities must be demonstrably entrusted to the employee. The job classification does not take temporary activities into account.


The supervisor of a group or department is responsible for the job classification. UFO is used in two stages:

  1. First, the best fitting job profile is sought for each employee’s job.
  2. The next stage is to determine the scope and level of the job.
    For example: An employee, in this case an administrative assistant, may fall under administrative assistant 4 or administrative assistant 3, for example.
    The level of a job is determined according to classification criteria. The salary depends on the chosen profile and level.

For the overview of all job profiles and competencies you need the following: Username: ru / Password: rufo